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Large Breast Implants

To many, an implant over 600cc in volume is considered to be a large implant. While the largest silicone implant is limited to 800cc, saline implants have a fill volume range of up to 850cc. Because a saline implant is filled by the surgeon, a qualified surgeon is able to fill a saline implant over 850cc. With additional saline filled into the implant, the look and feel of a saline implant can change and become more firm. Maximum fill volumes and the affect that it has on the look and feel of the implant is a very important topic to bring up during a patients consultation with Dr. Bandy.
Patient of Dr. Bandy after Large Breast Augmentation - Newport Beach / Orange County, CA

Dr. Bandy is very well known for creating beautiful bodies with a strong artistic approach to help patients achieve their desired results. Many patients consulting with Dr. Bandy inquire about large breast implants. It is very important to find a plastic surgeon that is highly skilled with performing a large implant breast augmentation. Implant width and dimensions must be precise as too narrow or too wide could leave a patient very unsatisfied.

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Before and After

Depending on a patients natural measurements and what size they are looking to achieve it is sometimes recommended that a patient stage their augmentation. If a patient is naturally small busted, inserting an extra large implant for a first augmentation could potentially stretch their skin too fast and leave a patient with unattractive stretch marks that are irreversible. Implanting larger implants during a first time augmentation might also lower where the breasts naturally sits on the chest leading to a possible "bottoming out" over the course of time. Staging a breast augmentation will allow for a patients pockets to expand and allow for a larger implant to be placed at a later time.

It is recommended to wait at least 6 months prior to having a second surgery to exchange current implants for a larger size. This allows for proper wound healing as well as allowing all internal sutures and swelling to no longer be present. Remember, although two surgeries to achieve the results that a patient is looking for might not be ideal, a patients health and safety is our number one concern and we will not put a patients health or recovery in jeopardy. To determine if a large or extra large breast implant is right, it is recommended to size with implants during a patients consultation.

Large Breast Implants (750cc silicone implants)

750cc silicone implants front viewside view large breast implants los angeles 750cc silicone 750cc silicone implants orange countylarge breast implants los angeles 750cc silicone

Extra Large Breast Implants (1200cc saline implants)

1200cc saline implants orange countyextra large breast implants los angeles

Extra Large Breast Implants (1250cc saline implants)

1250cc saline implants californiaextra large breast implants 1250cc
1250cc saline implants front viewextra large breast implants 1250cc saline california

Extra Large Breast Implants (1350cc saline implants)

1350cc saline implants orange county patientextra large breast implants 1350cc
1350cc saline implants after surgeryextra large breast implants 1350cc saline newport beach
1350cc saline implants selfie

Extra Large Breast Implants (1500cc saline implants)

1500cc saline implants orange countyextra large breast implants los angeles
1500cc saline implants newport beach

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