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Breast Augmentation Surgery in Orange County, California

Women looking to enhance their breasts often turn to breast augmentation, also known as Augmentation Mammoplasty or breast enhancement surgery, for a number of reasons. The size, shape and symmetry of a woman’s breast can alter her image of her sexuality and her outward appearance. As a woman begins to go through puberty, the breasts develop and continue to grow and shape for several years, sometimes as long as up to age 20. Additionally, the breast will change shape and size during her lifetime due to weight gain and loss, pregnancy and breast feeding. The female breast has a “job” to do, that is to nourish her offspring. The amount of visible breast tissue does not necessarily limit a woman’s ability to breast feed because the hormonal stimulation during pregnancy and delivery will allow the breasts to produce milk despite their size. However, this is not the only “function” of the breast, at least from a social point of view. The female breast also has the function of making a woman “feel feminine”.

Many women presenting for breast augmentation do so because they feel that the size or shape of their breast prevents them from feeling feminine about their body. Some women have nearly no breast tissue, and on the other hand, some women have a good deal of breast tissue, but the shape or symmetry may make them feel unattractive. Whatever the reason, breast enhancement surgery provides women with a chance to have more control over her feminine appeal and self image.



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