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Body Contouring

The Latest Breakthrough for Body Contouring!!

With technology always on the upward slope it seems new fads promising to deliver the fountain of youth are a dime a dozen. We’re constantly looking for new ways to achieve maximum results with minimum cost and downtime. . It used to be that the only way to contour the body was liposuction, which usually […]

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Beautiful Body and Breasts in Time for Bikini Season

If you have been wanting to improve the look of your body so that you can be ready for the summer in time to wear a bikini, NOW is the time to do something about it! Don’t wait until the weather starts heating up, if you have your surgery now, you have the time to […]

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Orange County Body Contouring – Dr. Amy Bandy

Now that the New Year is quickly approaching, it is time to consider how to achieve that flat tummy that you have been working so hard to obtain, but still seems to be so elusive! Dr. Amy T. Bandy specializes in body contouring through either liposculpture or tummy tuck to help you achieve your best […]

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Body Contouring in Newport Beach, Orange County

In modern society, the perception of beauty pertaining to the human body emphasizes a lean, youthful appearance. This has brought about an increased demand for both surgical and non-surgical attempts to trim off excess fat and unsightly bulges. Areas that are resistant to diet and exercise can be altered by removing unwanted fatty tissue and […]

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