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Dr. Bandy, Female Plastic SurgeonSome new exciting things that we have been busy working on include our new skin care, new sun care and new products specifically formulated by Dr. Bandy for various skin types! Also, it is very exciting to mention that Dr. Bandy is now one of the highest reviewed and rated plastic surgeons in the Southern California area on Google reviews. We thank all of our patients for reviewing Dr. Bandy and taking the time to write about their results. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful patients. We get hundreds of thank you cards from patients and make sure that they are available for patients to see here in the office when they come in for consultations. The online reviews from previous patients give potential patients an inside glimpse as to the quality and care they can expect from Dr. Bandy and the staff.

Many people are now also finding questions to their answers on RealSelf. We love this site, and Dr. Bandy is considered a Top Contributing Plastic Surgeon on the site. We hope that past, present and future patients get the opportunity to browse the community and physician answer pages of Realself. Feel free to create an account and ask physicians specific questions about varying procedures. You can also document your entire plastic surgery adventure from first showing interest, to scheduling consultations, pre operative appointments, surgery day and recovery. Other members can post comments of encouragement or privately message you to ask you about your experience or ask specific questions to you. We have many patients that have found Dr. Bandy on Realself and have flown across the country to have their procedure performed by her. We truly feel that Realself is a beneficial tool for patients in researching physicians, procedures and creating support groups for patients going through the same procedure all across the world. For this week’s entry, I wanted to reintroduce ourselves and our practice and make a firm commitment to keep all of you in the loop with updates, practice surgery trends, popular procedures and products and everything plastic and cosmetic surgery! See you all soon!!



Dr. Amy Bandy, Plastic Surgeon
320 Superior Ave #170, Newport Beach, CA 92663
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