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Breast Augmentation Costs

Breast Augmentation Costs

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Breast Augmentation Costs

The fees for Breast Augmentation Surgery typically can range from $5,500 to $9,000. The costs vary on several factors. These factors include implant type and the fees for the facility where the surgery will be performed. Additionally, implant costs vary between saline vs. silicone and smooth vs. textured implants, as well as shaped implants vs. round implants.

  1. With regard to style, silicone gel implants generally cost more than saline implants.
  2. With regard to profile, shaped implants generally cost more than round implants.
  3. For the surgical aspect, costs will vary depending on the surgical facility where the procedure will be performed. Also, the anesthesia approach will factor in to the cost; the patient may go under general anesthesia, IV sedation, or local anesthesia.

Other Costs Related to Breast Augmentation:

Additional costs may vary depending on whether the patient is having surgery in a surgery center, physician’s office, or a hospital setting. Patients should also determine whether or not the lab work will be included in the quote. Options that are not included in the basic surgical costs can be placement of a pain pump, or use of a Keller Funnel for implant placement. Thus, the average price of breast implants will vary depending on the circumstances.

Cost of Breast Augmentation combined with another Procedure(s):

Breast Lift: If the patient is undergoing additional procedures, such as a breast lift at the same time, then those costs will vary even further as there are multiple types of breast lifts. A breast augmentation with lift can vary from $6,500 to $12,000.

Breast Implant Exchange: If the patient is having a breast implant exchange (where the patient already had a breast augmentation surgery and now is removing and replacing with new implants), the prices will vary depending on the following factors:

  1. whether there is scar tissue surrounding the implants that need to be removed;
  2. whether the implants are in a submuscular or prepectoral plane;
  3. whether the implants exchanged are decreased or increased in size and whether the implants are saline or silicone. Additionally, if the implant size if being modified, procedures will need to be performed to either increase the pocket size or decrease the pocket size.

Ranges for breast implant exchange (without a breast lift) will range from $5,500 to $12,000.

Some people are more prone to developing more scar tissue. More scar tissue requires more in-depth surgery to get scar tissue removed and to be able to put in a bigger implant to expand the tissues (scar tissue might prohibit it from being stretchable enough) or to make the pocket smaller when changing to a smaller implant size.

Again, pricing may depend on several variables such as scar tissue removal, pocket size, and whether there is any asymmetry or breast drooping.

Does implant size affect the cost of Breast Augmentation?

Generally, the implant size does not affect the cost of breast augmentation.
Common sizes are 350cc, 400cc, 425cc, 450cc, 500cc, 550cc, 600cc, 650cc, 700cc, 750cc, and 800cc.

For large or extra large implants, saline implants go up to 800cc, but we can overfill them up to 1400cc or larger. When a patient wants extra large breast implants, staging the procedures may be necessary by starting with the maximum size the tissues will allow, then undergoing a second surgery after the tissues have stretched to accommodate larger implants.

The Newly FDA approved Shaped “Gummy Bear” Breast Implants:

The new Gummy Bear breast implants are more cohesive, and have a thicker gel (“cohesive-gel”) as well as a textured surface. They do not move within the pocket and do not change (“form-stable”). Thus, they have become increasingly popular especially for women who have very small breasts and are looking for a very natural looking result.

These new types of implants are ideal for people who have little to no breast tissue (flat chest) or are having breast reconstruction to get a more natural slope. Currently, Sientra and Allergan are FDA approved for this new type of implants. Please check back here for updates on this new implant.



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