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Chin Implant Surgery

Chin Implant Surgery in Newport Beach, Orange County CA

A Chin implant is a procedure performed to restore balance and symmetry of facial features. With the Chin Implant procedure patients can achieve features such as a stronger jaw or a contoured chin. Dr. Bandy uses various implants and also specializes in fat transfer of the face. The specific technique chosen varies depending on each person’s anatomy and the results desired.

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Who is Chin Implant Recommended for?

A chin implant is recommended for anyone who is seeking a stronger jaw or contoured chin.

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Addressing Your Concerns


As for any surgery, a patients’ health and well-being is our main priority. We require that patients who are undergoing surgery be healthy with normal lab work (your labs will be performed within 2 weeks of surgery). Furthermore, Dr. Bandy provides patients with a vitamin protocol to being before surgery to aid in the recovery and healing process. During your consultation 2 weeks before surgery, our staff will thoroughly review with you all important information that needs to be completed prior to surgery in order to ensure the best outcome and easiest recovery possible.
Yes, general anesthesia will be administered.
Following the procedure patients will be prescribed pain medication in order to minimize discomfort.
If a patient is noted to be sick prior to a procedure, it is advised to contact Dr. Bandy’s office immediately to discuss the best way to move forward.
Results of a chin implant are seen immediately, however swelling and discoloration may take up to six weeks to fully reside.


For a chin implant, a small incision is made either inside the lower lip or on the underside of the chin. Usually the scar is not visible if performed through the lower lip. If the incision is placed underneath the chin it is typically small and only visible if a patient extends their head backwards. Patients may use scar creams to improve the appearance of any scarring.
If you are having surgery under a general anesthetic, you will need someone to drive you home after surgery.
A patient will have sutures, staples, and/or surgical tapes covering their incisions and these will remain in place for a few weeks. It is recommended that a patient not touch the incisions until they are healed.
Following chin implant surgery patients are advised to follow a soft diet for several days and refrain from strenuous activity for at least 6 weeks. More detailed instructions will be provided at your pre-operative appointment.
A patient is usually prescribed an antibiotic and a pain medication. If a patient is undergoing a general anesthesia, sometimes they are prescribed an anti-nausea medication to combat any feelings of nausea that some patients experience after having a general anesthesia.


It is recommended to have a consultation with Dr. Bandy in order to determine what type of chin augmentation is recommended to achieve the desired goal. During this consultation, a quote will be provided.

The patient has multiple financing options. For example, the patient can pay for the surgery on credit card, and make monthly payments back to their credit card. Additionally, CareCredit is a financing company specific for cosmetic surgery; patients can apply for CareCredit, and there are multiple options for CareCredit. Sometimes, patients opt to make payments directly to the office. This is a prepayment plan where a patient would pay until he or she pays the entire balance for the surgery; then, they would have their surgery.


Following the surgery, swelling and bruising will be evident. The recovery time for chin implant surgery is approximately 4-6 weeks, but can vary depending on individual healing.

We do have a post operative recovery facility that we refer our patients to in Orange County, CA and Los Angeles, CA. In these situations, they will be picked up by the post operative care facility from our recovery room and brought to the recovery center where they are recovered overnight, and then brought back the next day for their follow up appointment.

We are here to listen and address your concerns.

– Dr. Amy Bandy, Over 20 Years of Experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Where is the incision placed for a chin augmentation?
    A: The incision is typically placed on the underside of the chin.