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Mastopexy / Breast Lift

Mastopexy / Breast Lift in Newport Beach, Orange County CA

Breast lift is an ideal procedure for women whose breasts have lost volume, firmness, or shape and have begun to sag. A breast lift can help reverse the effects of pregnancy and nursing as well as the natural effects of time and gravity. The surgery can be combined with breast augmentation for women who would like both enhancement and lifting, or it can be done on its own.

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Who is Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Recommended for?

A breast lift procedure is generally recommended for anyone that feels that either their nipples sit low on their breasts or their entire breasts sit low on their chests and would like the tissue elevated to a more youthful level.

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Addressing Your Concerns


A patient can prepare for a breast lift procedure by getting on a good diet and beginning a vitamin protocol (provided by Dr. Bandy) to aid their body in healing. We recommend accomplishing all house chores prior to surgery that would require a patient to lift anything over 5 pounds or push or pull anything heavy. During your pre-operative appointment our nurses will go over all necessary steps to prepare for your surgery.

A breast lift procedure can be performed under a general or a local anesthesia. Whether a patient is a good candidate for local anesthesia will depend on a number of factors. If the patient is an anxious person, or if the patient is having the breast lift performed at the same time as another procedure, general anesthesia is recommended and sometimes required.
A breast lift procedure by itself is generally not a painful procedure. Patients may feel some tenderness along the incision for the first few weeks, but this should subside by week 3.

If a patient is noted to be sick prior to a procedure, it is advised to contact Dr. Bandy’s office immediately to discuss the best way to move forward.

Each and every patient is different and their idea of what is ideal will vary. An ideal result generally is a round areola that is centered on the breast mound. Results can be seen immediately following the surgery, however as with any breast surgery, the tissues will stretch & settle over several months, resulting in the final and most appealing outcome.


A breast lift will produce a scar. We aim for the scar to heal to a pencil thin line, however, each body heals differently. The coloring of a scar depends upon the natural color of the patient’s skin and how their own body heals. Our office sells and recommends a medical-grade silicone gel scar cream to apply to the incisions once fully healed to aid in reducing the appearance of the scar.
It is always recommended to have someone assist you in getting home or to your recovery center. If a patient does not have anyone that can assist them at home, we do have a post operative recovery center that we work with that will pick up the patient from our facility.

A patient will have surgical tapes covering their incisions and these tapes will remain in place for a few weeks. It is recommended that a patient not touch the incisions until they are healed.

A breast lift patient is advised to discontinue upper body exercise for 4 weeks while the incisions are healing. We also recommend that a patient not go take baths or swim for at least 6 weeks after surgery.

A patient is usually prescribed an antibiotic and a pain medication. If a patient is undergoing a general anesthesia, sometimes they are prescribed an anti-nausea medication to combat any feelings of nausea that some patients experience after having a general anesthesia.


A breast lift procedure can range from $4,000 – $12,000, depending upon the type of breast lift, the length in the operating room and if there is local or general anesthesia used for the procedure.

The patient has multiple financing options. For example, the patient can pay for the surgery on credit card, and make monthly payments back to their credit card. Additionally, CareCredit is a financing company specific for cosmetic surgery; patients can apply for CareCredit, and there are multiple options for CareCredit. Sometimes, patients opt to make payments directly to the office. This is a prepayment plan where a patient would pay until he or she pays the entire balance for the surgery; then, they would have their surgery.


If the patient is only doing a breast lift, the recovery period is fairly pain free, as the breast lift is just a skin excision. A breast lift patient should stay in a compression bra for the first few weeks.

We do have a post operative recovery facility that we refer our patients to in Orange County, CA and Los Angeles, CA. In these situations, they will be picked up by the post operative care facility from our recovery room and brought to the recovery center where they are recovered overnight, and then brought back the next day for their follow up appointment.

We are here to listen and address your concerns.

– Dr. Amy Bandy, Over 20 Years of Experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is Breast Lift?
    A: A breast lift is a surgical procedure designed to lift either the areola and/or the breast tissue for a perkier and more youthful looking breast. Many women experience sagging breasts after weight loss, aging, childbirth and/or breastfeeding. Many men also experience sagging breasts with weight loss and/or aging and are also candidates. Certain candidates can have a breast lift performed in conjunction with a breast augmentation procedure or a breast reduction procedure, depending upon what the patient is starting with and what their ideal results are. Breast lift surgery is also called “Mastopexy.”
  • Q: How long is the Breast Lift surgery?
    A: There are various approaches to a breast lift procedure, each of these taking a different amount of time to accomplish. A breast lift procedure by itself can take anywhere from one hour to four hours to complete.
  • Q: Are there different types of Breast Lift procedures?
    A: There are various types of breast lift procedures, ranging from a lift that is designed to elevate the level of the areola, to a breast lift that is designed to lift the entire breast, including the areola, higher on the chest. As no two patients are the same, the lift that is recommended depends upon what the patient is starting with and what they are wanting to accomplish.
  • Q: What type of incision approaches are there for Breast Lift?
    A: There are three main breast lifts. The first is the peri-areola breast lift, which is designed to lift only the areola from 1-2 centimeters. This type of lift does not tighten any breast tissue. The second is a lollipop breast lift, which has an incision around the areola and straight down to the inframammary fold. The third lift that is common is the Weiss pattern lift, commonly referred to as an “anchor lift”, which, like the lollipop lift, has an incision that goes around the areola, and straight down, however, continues to a horizontal incision within the inframammary fold.
  • Q: Are there any other procedures commonly performed along with Breast Lift?
    A: A breast lift is often performed at the same time as a breast augmentation or breast reduction procedure. Sometimes patients will address their breasts and their abdomen at the same time often referred to as a “mommy makeover”.
  • Q: Are there any new technological advances or medicine for Breast Lift?
    A: For breasts that have had multiple surgeries or failed surgery, particularly problems with breast implants, an “internal bra” breast lift may be advised. This type of breast lift utilizes an internal matrix, usually a dermal matrix, to provide internal support and more thickness to the tissues.
  • Q: What if I experience any complications?
    A: If a patient experiences any complications, it is requested that the patient contact our office immediately to discuss how to move forward.
  • Q: Final thoughts on Breast Lift?
    A: A breast lift procedure carries a very high patient satisfaction rate, whether performed by itself or at the same time as a breast augmentation or breast reduction procedure. The final outcome is an elevated breast with a centered areola/nipple for a more youthful looking breast.