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Some new exciting things that we have been busy working on include our new skin care, new sun care and new products specifically formulated by Dr. Bandy for various skin types! Also, it is very exciting to mention that Dr. Bandy is now one of the highest reviewed and rated plastic surgeons in the Southern […]

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The Latest Breakthrough for Body Contouring!!

With technology always on the upward slope it seems new fads promising to deliver the fountain of youth are a dime a dozen. We’re constantly looking for new ways to achieve maximum results with minimum cost and downtime. . It used to be that the only way to contour the body was liposuction, which usually […]

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Summer Time | Plastic Surgery in Orange County

Summer time is here, and many young women in Newport Beach and other cities in Orange County are inquiring about Breast Augmentation surgery so they can look good for the summer. A common question is how long will it take to recover, and until their breasts look good in a bathing suit. Dr. Amy Bandy […]

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Breast Augmentation Surgery in Orange County, California

Women looking to enhance their breasts often turn to breast augmentation, also known as Augmentation Mammoplasty or breast enhancement surgery, for a number of reasons. The size, shape and symmetry of a woman’s breast can alter her image of her sexuality and her outward appearance. As a woman begins to go through puberty, the breasts […]

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Ear Enhancement Surgery

Orange County Otoplasty Specialist Ear Enhancement Surgery – Dr. Amy Bandy Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Surgery to correct protruding ears may be considered either reconstructive or cosmetic. To determine this, we must consider the function of the external ear. There are two main purposes of the external ear. The first is to help direct sound […]

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