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Some new exciting things that we have been busy working on include our new skin care, new sun care and new products specifically formulated by Dr. Bandy for various skin types! Also, it is very exciting to mention that Dr. Bandy is now one of the highest reviewed and rated plastic surgeons in the Southern California area on Google reviews. We thank all of our patients for reviewing Dr. Bandy and taking the time to write about their results. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful patients. We get hundreds of thank you cards from patients and make sure that they are available for patients to see here in the office when they come in for consultations. The online reviews from previous patients give potential patients an inside glimpse as to the quality and care they can expect from Dr. Bandy and the staff.

Many people are now also finding questions to their answers on RealSelf. We love this site, and Dr. Bandy is considered a Top Contributing Plastic Surgeon on the site. We hope that past, present and future patients get the opportunity to browse the community and physician answer pages of Realself. Feel free to create an account and ask physicians specific questions about varying procedures. You can also document your entire plastic surgery adventure from first showing interest, to scheduling consultations, pre operative appointments, surgery day and recovery. Other members can post comments of encouragement or privately message you to ask you about your experience or ask specific questions to you. We have many patients that have found Dr. Bandy on Realself and have flown across the country to have their procedure performed by her. We truly feel that Realself is a beneficial tool for patients in researching physicians, procedures and creating support groups for patients going through the same procedure all across the world. For this week’s entry, I wanted to reintroduce ourselves and our practice and make a firm commitment to keep all of you in the loop with updates, practice surgery trends, popular procedures and products and everything plastic and cosmetic surgery! See you all soon!!

The Latest Breakthrough for Body Contouring!!

With technology always on the upward slope it seems new fads promising to deliver the fountain of youth are a dime a dozen. We’re constantly looking for new ways to achieve maximum results with minimum cost and downtime. . It used to be that the only way to contour the body was liposuction, which usually requires an incision and some downtime, but with the introduction of the Exilis machine it seems most, if not all, of our fat diminishing and skin tightening prayers have been answered. The Exilis machine is an FDA approved pain free, non-invasive treatment with no side effects and no downtime. The million dollar question is how does this ‘wonder’ machine work? With any treatment one would want to be sure that it is safe for their body but also effective. Exilis delivers radiofrequency energy to heat deep tissues and increase the metabolic rate of fat cells causing them to shrink. During the session, the computer-controlled hand piece is guided over the treatment area. A warming sensation is felt as the energy is delivered to the deeper layers of skin and fat. The ability to focus the energy on specific areas at the targeted depth of penetrationis what makes Exilis highly effective. Exilis has been featured in numerous magazines and TV shows including: Elle, New Beauty, Harper’s Bazaar, NBC news and Fox 26 news. Exilis is also backed by well known New York plastic surgeon Dr.Lisa Zdinak who has a clientele of celebrities, models and royalty. Patients typically achieve optimum results after 4-6 sessions, 7-10 days a part. We offer competitive Exilis packages to our patients, so call our office today and get rid of that stubborn fat and loose skin once and for all!

Summer Time | Plastic Surgery in Orange County

Summer time is here, and many young women in Newport Beach and other cities in Orange County are inquiring about Breast Augmentation surgery so they can look good for the summer. A common question is how long will it take to recover, and until their breasts look good in a bathing suit. Dr. Amy Bandy specializes in Breast Augmentation surgery and Breast Revision surgery, and she believes that most women will be healed enough to enjoy the summer in a bikini in as little as one week.

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Orange County, California

Women looking to enhance their breasts often turn to breast augmentation, also known as Augmentation Mammoplasty or breast enhancement surgery, for a number of reasons. The size, shape and symmetry of a woman’s breast can alter her image of her sexuality and her outward appearance. As a woman begins to go through puberty, the breasts develop and continue to grow and shape for several years, sometimes as long as up to age 20. Additionally, the breast will change shape and size during her lifetime due to weight gain and loss, pregnancy and breast feeding. The female breast has a “job” to do, that is to nourish her offspring. The amount of visible breast tissue does not necessarily limit a woman’s ability to breast feed because the hormonal stimulation during pregnancy and delivery will allow the breasts to produce milk despite their size. However, this is not the only “function” of the breast, at least from a social point of view. The female breast also has the function of making a woman “feel feminine”.

Many women presenting for breast augmentation do so because they feel that the size or shape of their breast prevents them from feeling feminine about their body. Some women have nearly no breast tissue, and on the other hand, some women have a good deal of breast tissue, but the shape or symmetry may make them feel unattractive. Whatever the reason, breast enhancement surgery provides women with a chance to have more control over her feminine appeal and self image.

Ear Enhancement Surgery

Orange County Otoplasty Specialist Ear Enhancement Surgery – Dr. Amy Bandy Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Surgery to correct protruding ears may be considered either reconstructive or cosmetic. To determine this, we must consider the function of the external ear. There are two main purposes of the external ear. The first is to help direct sound waves to the external auditory canal, thereby improving our ability to hear. Another important function of a highly visible body part such as the ear is to fall into the normal range of appearance. Ears that protrude straight out from the head do so because of abnormalities in the development of the cartilage of the ear. Such irregularities often attract unwanted attention, and children can often suffer criticism from their peers and be made the center of attention of cruel jokes and name-calling. Although some people overcome denigrating remarks and attitudes, there are more people who fade quickly into the background and hide from the attention. The degree of the deformity can range from mild to severe. The deciding factor on when a child warrants reconstructive surgery to correct their ears, is when their protruding ears are the first things that people notice when they initially meet the child.

Our awareness of body image regarding our facial features is usually evident by the age of five. This is exactly when children are starting school and making new friends and establishing how they fit into the world around them. If children begin name-calling, this can negatively affect the important self-image that the child is building of himself. The ear has completed 85 percent of its growth by the age of three. There is very little growth of the ear after age 10. Correction of the protruding ear is generally carried out from age 4 onward, depending on when the patient presents for surgery. More adults are opting to correct protruding ears for cosmetic reasons and the results can be quite gratifying, allowing for more of a variety of hairstyles than they previously felt comfortable with. There are a number of factors in the development of the ear cartilage that affect the shape of the ear. In the majority of cases, there is a combination of too much cartilage in the central “bowl” area called the concha, combined with a lack of natural folds that develop in the area called the antihelix. There are other deformities of the ear that range from complete absence of the external ear to “cupping”or constricted ears. These are deformities that are addressed differently than the protruding ear. There are a variety of surgical techniques that address the protruding ear, and the appropriate procedure will depend on the degree of excess cartilage, the failure of antihelical folding and which of these two problems dominates the defect. THE CONSULTATION During your initial consultation with Dr. Bandy, your specific requests and desires are discussed and an individual examination is performed to determine the appropriate surgical procedure to be performed. Dr. Bandy will make recommendations and discuss your individual procedure and expected outcome in detail. This is your chance to ask questions, and verify if the procedure is right for you or your child. THE OPERATION Most otoplasties are performed on an outpatient basis, coming to the surgical facility the day of surgery and returning home the same day. Young children will require a general anesthetic and some older patients may prefer this as well. The incision for the surgery is generally hidden behind the ear or in the folds of the ear. The procedure is aimed at recontouring the cartilage to the normal configuration and this is attained by removing excess cartilage in some cases, and by placing permanent buried suture to fold the ear framework in other cases. It may be necessary to wear an elastic headband for a period of time after the procedure to allow healing. As with any surgical procedure, there are possible complications, and although rare, these will be discussed with you in detail at the time of your initial consultation.

Breast Reduction Specialist Newport Beach

Surgical reduction of the breast is a common plastic surgical operation. The operation has as its goal, a reduction in the size and weight of the breast to alleviate back pain, neck pain and shoulder grooving from bra marks. Patients who undergo this procedure are among the happiest patients undergoing Plastic Surgery.

Patients who have large breasts suffer from a variety of complaints. The weight of the breasts cause problems such as those mentioned above, and this is accentuated when the breast position is lower than normal. The position of the weight causes the bra to dig into the shoulders and cause neck and back pain. The pull of gravity is transferred to the neck and shoulder muscles causing spasm. Women often become self-conscious about the size of their breasts and may suffer from unwanted attention. In addition, breast size can interfere with the ability to exercise because of pain or interference of the breasts with arm motion. Women may experience this despite the best support bras available. This operation is performed to relieve the woman’s symptoms, and in addition, the women is quite pleased with their new breast appearance, as this procedure lifts the breasts to a higher, more youthful position on the chest wall. The majority of insurance policies will cover medically indicated breast reduction. DIAGNOSIS AND PLANNING During your first office visit, Dr. Bandy will examine you and determine whether you might benefit from this operation. During the examination, your general health will be discussed and measurements of the breast may be taken. You will be questioned regarding any history of breast disease, and a mammogram may be recommended prior to surgery. These measures are taken to ensure that you are in good health and will have a safe surgery. Discussion with Dr. Bandy about how much breast tissue will be removed and information regarding the risks and possible complications of the procedure will help you better understand the process. Your photos may be taken at this time, as most insurance companies require submission of photos to authorize the surgery. THE OPERATION Just before your operation, Dr. Bandy will mark the breasts with a felt tip marker for surgical reference. There are several techniques for breast reduction and Dr. Bandy will discuss them with you prior to surgery. Most patients come in the day of surgery, are admitted to the hospital and after the operation stay overnight and go home the following morning, or may even choose to go home the same day after a short recovery, if medically appropriate and there is a reliable adult at home to assist in your care. On some occasions, a patient may experience nausea from the anesthesia and require an additional day in the hospital until they are able to tolerate liquids. This information is to provide you with the basic information on Breast Reduction Surgery. If you are contemplating having this procedure, you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Amy Bandy and discuss your specific wishes and concerns, and she will be able to give you more detailed information and talk specifically to you about the procedure as it relates to you in particular.

Beautiful Body and Breasts in Time for Bikini Season

If you have been wanting to improve the look of your body so that you can be ready for the summer in time to wear a bikini, NOW is the time to do something about it! Don’t wait until the weather starts heating up, if you have your surgery now, you have the time to recover, heal, AND start exercising to be in you best shape when summer arrives.

Whether you will benefit from breast implants, a breast lift, liposuction or tummy tuck, now is the time to schedule your consultation with Dr. Amy T. Bandy, and find out what results you can achieve. Call us today to schedule your consultation. Look your best for summer!

Orange County Body Contouring – Dr. Amy Bandy

Now that the New Year is quickly approaching, it is time to consider how to achieve that flat tummy that you have been working so hard to obtain, but still seems to be so elusive! Dr. Amy T. Bandy specializes in body contouring through either liposculpture or tummy tuck to help you achieve your best tummy.

During consultation, Dr. Amy T. Bandy will examine you and discuss with you what your ideal goals are. Depending on the quality of the elasticity of your skin, Dr. Bandy may determine that liposuction or liposculpting will be your best option to attain your goals. But if you have severe stretch marks, or loose hanging skin, then abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, may be recommended by Dr. Amy Bandy to give you your flattest, tightest results. A full tummy tuck will tighten the skin of the entire abdomen, whereas a mini-tummy tuck will tighten the lower abdominal skin. Show off those abdominal muscles that you have worked so hard to achieve, but are still hiding behind the excess skin or fatty layer that you have! Dr. Amy Bandy can help you get the New You for the New Year!

Orange County Rhinoplasty – Dr. Amy T. Bandy

Rhinoplasty, or nose beautification surgery, can be performed to change the appearance of the nose, either alone or at the same time as functional nose surgery. Functional nose surgery is performed to correct breathing problems, such as a deviated septum or turbinate enlargement or nasal polyps. When deciding what changes you want cosmetically for your nose, it is important to keep in mind that the nose should be proportional to your other facial features to obtain your best results.
During consultation, Dr. Amy T. Bandy will photograph your nose on various views. She will then discuss with you the changes that you would like to make to determine what final result you are looking for. Dr. Bandy will then computer image your photo to view with you to see if the changes she has made visually give you the result that you desire to achieve. Remember, the nose is the center of your face, and you want the best results that you can get, and this is what Dr. Amy Bandy strives to deliver; a natural look with beautiful results!

Whiter Teeth with Dr. Amy Bandy

Have you wanted whiter teeth without the hassle of trays or the sensitivity from harsh chemicals? We now offer “Liquid Smile”, a professional whitening agent that is painted on to each individual tooth just before bedtime. In as little as 2-3 days, many people can already see a difference in their smile! Call us for information on how you too can achieve a “winter white” smile for the holidays!

Orange County Breast Lift Surgery: Dr. Amy Bandy

To achieve the best breast shape often requires lifting the breasts to a youthful position. With weight loss, pregnancy, breast feeding and the aging process, gravity continually affects the position of the breasts. The skin becomes loose, and the underlying breast tissue descends to a lower position on the chest wall.
Breast lift, or mastopexy, is performed to tighten the skin and lift the breasts higher to give a tighter more youthful shape. There are several types of mastopexy incisions to accomplish this result, and the amount of loose skin and how low the nipples are positioned on the breast will determine which lift procedure will ultimately result in the best end result for each person.

Orange County Facelift Surgeon: Dr. Amy Bandy

Facelift surgery, or Cervicofacial rhytidectomy is performed to correct the changes which have occurred with the normal process of aging. Facial skin can sag from natural aging, from weight loss, from the effects of smoking and sun exposure or other various reasons. With a successful facelift, the tightening of the facial skin and supporting tissues can “turn back the clock” and provide a more youthful appearance.

The ideal candidate for a facelift is a person who is at or near their ideal body weight. With strong bony features of the face, there is no need to augment the bone structure, however if you have a “weak chin” or small cheekbones, Dr. Bandy may discuss the options with you at the time of your consult, to consider a small implant to amplify these features. The best patient for a facelift is a non-smoker and has not had a history of excessive sun exposure or skin cancer. If you do smoke, you will be asked to refrain from smoking for at least three weeks prior to surgery to prevent possible complications. In the individual who smokes, is overweight or who does not have prominent facial bones, you can still receive some benefit from a facelift if your expectations are realistic, however you may not have the ideal outcome as seen in the ideal patient. Dr. Bandy will discuss the expectations with regard as to what you can expect with a facelift as it pertains to you individually. Although a successful facelift can turn back the clock, no cosmetic procedure can permanently forestall the effects of aging. Some patients will require additional procedures to achieve the results that they desire, such as a chemical peel or blepharoplasty or eyelid lift. Other procedures that may benefit you are a browlift or laser skin resurfacing. ANESTHESIA A facelift is usually performed on an outpatient basis. Although some patients prefer to stay at an aftercare facility, most go home the same day with a responsible friend or family member. The procedure can be performed under a general anesthetic, or can be done with local anesthesia under IV sedation providing a “twilight sleep”. THE OPERATION A facelift requires an incision which starts in the temporal area and extends down in front of the ear, curving under and behind the ear and back into the hairline of the back of the head. If a browlift is performed at the same time, the incision may continue over the top of your head to allow lifting of the forehead and eyebrows. The skin is lifted and tightened and some of the supporting tissues deep to the skin may also be tightened. In some instances, the incisions can be much smaller and the surgical dissection performed through very small incisions. This is done when excess skin is not an issue. Liposuction is sometimes done if there is excess fatty tissue under the skin of the neck or jawline. Occasionally if there are noticeable muscle strands in the neck, another small incision is made under the chin so that Dr. Bandy can repair the muscles and provide a tighter neck and jawline. POST-OPERATIVE COURSE Swelling and bruising is to be expected and varies from person to person. Typically the bruising is nearly or fully resolved in 10-14 days. Sutures are removed at 3-5 days around the ears, and at about 10-14 days in the hairline. It is extremely important that the newly rejuvenated skin be protected from the effects of the sun by wearing a wide brimmed hat and a SPF sunscreen of 20 or higher whenever going outside. If you are considering a facelift procedure, an individual consultation with Dr. Bandy can provide you with valuable information that can help you decide what is best for you.

Facial Rejuvenation Surgery in Newport Beach with Dr. Amy Bandy

The tendency to acquire a tired, worn out appearance increases with each decade that we age. With the descent of our soft tissues with gravity and the loss of elasticity to our skin turgor, our facial expressions tend to appear saddened, tired and even angry or sad. The first areas that tend to give away our age are the soft tissues around the eyes. The skin and muscles that surround the eyes lose their elasticity with time and the fat behind the muscles will bulge and create eyelid “bags” that add to the tired, aged appearance. When the eyebrows are too low on the forehead, this adds to the heaviness of the upper eyelids. The deep lines that some people have across the forehead are created from over use of the forehead muscle to lift the heavy eyelid tissues off of the eyes. By lifting the forehead and elevating the position of the eyebrows, a more youthful refreshed look is achieved and the tendency to constantly lift the brows is eradicated, thereby eliminating the deep wrinkles. An eyelid lift or “blepharoplasty” is performed to remove excess skin, muscle and fat as necessary, to rejuvenate the eyes and “turn back the clock” by giving a refreshed, open look to the eyes. Through a combination of forehead and eyelid rejuvenation surgery, the optimal results for a natural and refreshed look can often be obtained in the upper face. The lower face, the area from the cheeks down to the neck, often shows the first signs of aging in the mid-face , or cheek area just below the lower eyelid, and the “jowl” along the border of the jawline. The mid-face can be surgically addressed through the lower eyelid incision, where the cheek elements can be lifted upward to fill the hollow over the bony prominence of the lower eyelid. By lifting the cheek area upward, this also helps in decreasing the depth of the naso-labial fold, or the deep crease that extends from the lower nose to the corner of the mouth. The neck and jawline area is best treated with a cervicofacial rhytidectomy, or face and neck lift. These incisions often start above the sideburn area, then follow the gentle curves in front and behind the ear, then fade into the hairline. Through these incisions, the skin and soft tissues of the face are lifted, and contoured to create a more youthful appearance prior to excising excess skin and suturing the incisions closed. There are several methods for face-lifts ranging from strictly tightening the skin, to performing deeper plane elevation of tissues including muscles down to periosteum, or the covering over the bone. The type of facelift performed will depend on the surgeon’s skill, choice and expertise in conjunction with the specific needs and desires of the patient. Dr. Amy T. Bandy provides a detailed complimentary consultation for facial rejuvenation surgery during which she will individually address your specific concerns and desires and explain the type of facial rejuvenation that would best suit your needs. For further information or to schedule a consultation, arrangements can be arranged by calling Dr. Bandy’s office

Eyelid Surgery Newport Beach

Eyelid Lift Developing a Rested Youthful Appearance Eyelid surgery is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures performed. Blepharoplasty, or eyelift, is indicated for a variety of eyelid problems ranging from cosmetic improvement to surgery performed for heavy drooping eyelids that interfere with peripheral vision. When performed for improved cosmetics, typically the patient is extremely pleased with the results, noting a smoother appearance of the lids, more definition of the upper eyelid fold and eradication of the lower eyelid “bags”, achieving a “rested” appearance. When considering eyelid surgery, the entire upper face must be evaluated to determine if eyelid surgery will correct the specific complaint that the patient desires to correct. Often, a heavy eyebrow that rests low on the forehead may contribute to the excess weight of the upper lid, and by correcting the brow, often times the eyelid may need little or no surgery. Correction of the brow is accomplished by a forehead or browlift, and is individualized according to the hairline, the amount of elevation needed and whether or not there are wrinkles between the eyebrows or across the forehead. This can be done through a variety of incisions or through only a few inconspicuous incisions using an endoscope. If eyelid surgery alone is indicated, evaluation consists of determining the amount of excess skin, fat and muscle needed to be removed to attain the desired results. For removal of lower eyelid “bags”, often removal of the excess fat that causes the lower lid bulges can be performed without an incision on the skin. This is accomplished by removing the fat through a small incision in the conjunctiva, or the lining of the inner lower eyelid. If there is any excess skin or sun damaged, wrinkled skin, laser surgery may be employed to tighten the skin of the lower eyelid and improve the lines. Each surgery is highly individualized to accomplish the best results possible. Dr. Bandy performs eyelid surgery and forehead or brow lifts, and offers individualized consultations to determine the procedure that would best suit the desired results. Each person is thoroughly examined and a detailed description of the proposed procedure is explained during the consultation.

Body Contouring in Newport Beach, Orange County

In modern society, the perception of beauty pertaining to the human body emphasizes a lean, youthful appearance. This has brought about an increased demand for both surgical and non-surgical attempts to trim off excess fat and unsightly bulges. Areas that are resistant to diet and exercise can be altered by removing unwanted fatty tissue and loose skin by either liposculpture or direct surgical excision or a combination of both. By the time a person reaches adulthood, they have acquired all of the fat cells that they will have throughout their life. The number and distribution of fat cells is genetically determined and unique to each individual. Women typically accumulate fat in the lower trunk, hips, upper thighs and buttocks; men tend to accumulate fat evenly around the trunk, in the abdomen and “love handles”. Persons who have specific areas of fat tissue deposits and are at or near their ideal body weight are ideal candidates for liposuction if their skin has sufficient elasticity. People considering liposuction should be aware that liposculpture improves contour but does not eliminate wrinkles and is not a treatment for obesity. To determine if you are a candidate for body contouring by liposuction, a complimentary evaluation with Dr. Bandy will answer most of your questions. Accumulation of fat in the abdominal area can be treated by either liposculpture or a tummy tuck in Orange County. The factors that are important in determining which will be best, or whether a combination of both is optimum, are the elasticity of the skin, the presence or absence of stretch marks and whether the abdominal muscles have been separated. Some women who have had one or multiple pregnancies may not be a candidate for liposuction due to the loss of their skin elasticity and the separation of their abdominal wall muscles. Rapid weight loss often makes it necessary to obtain the best results by direct surgical excision of excess skin. Virtually all areas of the body can be altered to improve contour, eliminate sagging skin and highlight body image. Dr. Bandy is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Mommy Makeover Newport Beach Specialist

Orange County Mommy Makeover After childbirth or breastfeeding, a woman’s body often has unwanted changes. Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon Dr. Amy Bandy specializes in the “mommy makeover” that addresses such issues as drooping breasts, enlarged areolas, a straighter waist, excess fat in the abdomen, stretch marks, changes in the female genitalia and a sagging tummy that no amount of exercise and dieting seems to fix. It used to be that women were resigned to living with these natural changes in their bodies. Now, however, more women are seeking out plastic surgery to rejuvenate their breasts and tummies to the youthful firmness they enjoyed before having children. These procedures are collectively called “mommy makeovers”. A combination of procedures can help restore the post partum body to the bikini ready body!

Orange County Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery – Are you tired of Looking Sleepy? It has been said that “the eyes are the window of the soul”, portraying the inner being of the person. But the eyes can also be the area that reveals the first signs of aging such as crows feet and excess lax skin and muscle that droop and contribute to a tired, aged appearance. Bags under the eyes are the result of a loosening of the “orbital septum”, a thin layer of tissue that separates the orbital fat from the muscle and skin above it. As this tissue weakens, the fat “herniates”, or pushes against the septum causing a bulging of the fat and a tired un-rested look. This problem does not haunt only the aging population, but is a common family trait that can be seen in many people from their early youth. With traditional eyelid surgery, the excess fat, skin and muscle can be removed to create a smoother, more rested appearance. If only excess fat needs to be removed, this can often be done without a skin incision, thereby leaving no visible scar. The fat pockets are addressed through a small incision in the conjunctiva which is the tissue on the inner surface of the eyelid. Through this approach, the fat is gently teased out and re-distributed to produce a smoother, more rested look. This procedure can be done under a local anesthesia with minimal to no downtime from work. To determine if you are a candidate for this procedure, a complimentary consultation with Dr. Bandy can answer most of your questions.

Dr. Amy Bandy, Southern California Female Plastic Surgeon

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Amy Bandy prides herself in being considered one of the Premier Plastic Surgeons in Newport Beach, California. Dr. Bandy enjoys educating her clients on what to expect with Plastic Surgery in Southern California. As a female plastic surgeon, many female patients feel that she can relate better.
Because most people are not familiar with the normal course of healing after Plastic surgery or other medical situations, they tend to panic when anything seems “not normal” to them. This means anything that they don’t normally experience in their lives on a daily basis. For example, patients do not consider swelling, bruising, redness, and discomfort normal. Following surgery, surgeons and medical personnel DO consider swelling, bruising, redness, and discomfort normal since it is an expected part of healing.

Using good common sense will tell you that if an area has recently been operated upon, it is going to go through a healing process. Having surgery is not like going to the beauty salon for a haircut. Healing occurs in the human body by a process called inflammation. Inflammation consists of four components, which in Latin are: rubor, calor, and dolor.
1. Rubor means redness. For proper healing, blood vessels dilate and carry extra blood to the area that had surgery. This causes redness in the area.
2. Tumor means swelling. An area that has had surgery is expected to swell. This is a normal part of the inflammatory process by which we heal.
3. Calor refers to heat (like calories). This means that an area that has recently had surgery is expected to be warmer than it normally is until healed.
4. Dolor means pain. An area that recently had surgery is expected to cause discomfort. This is a normal warning system that makes an area tender to touch so that you will not disturb it while it is healing. This is a protective kind of pain.

Following surgery, most of the instructions that we give are designed to protect your blood vessels. This is to prevent postoperative bleeding. Excess straining, lifting, bending, working out at the health club, etc., will cause your blood vessels to dilate and may cause bleeding or excess swelling. At the time of the surgery, many blood vessels are divided and then sealed with an electrocautery. They do not heal together strongly, however, for approximately two weeks following surgery. If you do something strenuous you may “blow out” a healing blood vessel and cause bleeding underneath the skin which is referred to as a hematoma. If this occurs, it might require going back to surgery to repair the damage which would start the healing from the beginning. For this reason, it is sensible to limit your athletic activities for the full two-week period.

The right and left sides of the body do not heal the same. One side always swells more, hurts more, gets more numbness, or exhibits some difference over the healing period; this is normal and temporary. Example: if both eyelids have surgery, one eyelid always swells more, one side feels more numb, one side is stiffer, one side moves better than the other, etc. This may make them look quite different. These differences occur in the two sides of the face, two breasts, two hips, in the feet, or even the two sides of the same nose.

After the surgery, you have been instructed to telephone my office when you have questions that require explanation. Questions like “When can I take a shower?” Or, “Do I remove my bra to take a shower?” are certainly IMPORTANT, but they do not represent EMERGENCY questions. Important questions are to be directed to my office during standard office hours, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. We are available to respond to EMERGENCY calls 24 hours a day. Emergency calls will include things like:
1. Excessive bleeding.
2. Sudden painful swelling of one operated area with associated bruising (this does not mean slight swelling and bruising, this means what it says, sudden excessive painful swelling).
3. Fainting or loss of consciousness.
4. Excessive vomiting which is not controlled by medication.
5. Skin rash which covers a large portion of the body (not an occasional red bump).
During the time of healing, when the normal inflammatory processes and swelling distort the tissues, it is virtually impossible for you to determine what you final result will be. Do not be impatient. When you see the swelling and distortion of the tissues, please understand that this is NORMAL during early healing (at least two weeks). It is also temporary. For instance, when cheek implants or chin implants are placed, there is a considerable swelling around them during the early weeks following surgery. This does not mean the implants are two large, or that they are
malpositioned. It means that your body is healing normally and has swelling around the implants. How long will the swelling last? It varies from one patient to another, but may persist in the cheekbone areas or chin areas for a month or two. Not two days – not five days – but a month or two.

BREAST IMPLANTS, which are placed behind the muscle, may require three months or more before the muscle stretches out and allows the breast to shape itself the way it finally will be. Actually, it requires three to twelve months before the final shape is achieved. It is impossible for you to tell the exact size and shape that your breast will be or the size of the breast implants, which are used during the first few weeks after surgery. This is due to tightness of the pectoral muscle, tightness of the skin and breast tissue over the implant (which makes them look smaller) and swelling (which makes them look larger) than the final result will be. The implant which was used is the one agreed upon at you preoperative consultation, and will give the result which you selected by looking at photographs. During early healing, however, your breast may appear larger than you think you selected, or smaller than you think you selected, depending on you own tissues. Please give them time to heal normally before panicking. All of these things will be discussed at your regular postoperative appointments, and do not require a phone call in the middle of the night or over the weekend. Actually, it requires three to twelve months before the final shape is achieved. Not three days, not ten days, anywhere from three months to a year.

NASAL SURGERY the lower one third of the nose requires approximately 12 months to lose all of the swelling which occurs following surgery. Patients find this very hard to understand, and while the nose will show marked improvement within two to three weeks following surgery, the nose will not refine itself or lose all of its swelling for at least one year. Mark the date on your calendar. Not two weeks, two months – one year.

EYELID swelling normally goes down pretty fast, and eyelids often look good within a week or two. They are not healed in a short time, however the eyelids normally feel stiff for at least six to twelve weeks following surgery, especially when you attempt to look up.

Following FACELIFT surgery, there is a numbness of the cheeks and around the ears from six weeks to one year, This numbness gradually goes away, but is part of the normal healing process. Minor lumps may be felt beneath the skin, and the face and neck may feel stiff for six to twelve weeks.
You are not expected to know everything about how you will heal after surgery; however you are expected to use good common sense.
I hope that this explanation helps explain what you can anticipate following your surgery. Please follow your instructions, but use your own common sense as well to help us help you heal the way we both want.

Liposuction in Southern California

Liposuction is likely the most requested Plastic Surgical Procedure seen by Plastic Surgeons in the United States, perhaps second only to Beast Augmentation. With so many variations of techniques available, consumers often ask which type of liposuction is the best for them and will produce the best results. Liposuction, when first introduced, was simply performed by the removal of fatty tissue using a cannulae that is introduced into the subcutaneous tissues and aspirating out the fat cells through suction. This was done without any preparation or treatment of the tissues prior to aspiration and is now referred to as the “dry” technique. This type of liposuction was limited, as there was a considerable amount of blood loss, bruising and a protracted recovery. Over the years, it became much more evident that pre-treating the tissues with a wetting solution could produce much less blood loss, less trauma to the tissues, thus an easier and faster recovery.

Tumescent Liposuction

When adding fluid to the treatments areas, the procedure is referred to as either the “tumescent technique” or the “wet” or “super wet technique”, depending on the amount of fluid introduced in to the tissues prior to treatment. When small areas are being treated, this technique offers the ability to have the surgery under a local anesthesia, if the person desires, rather than a full general anesthesia. Additionally, using cannulaes with smaller diameters produced a more predicable and smooth outcome. This was a major advance in liposuction surgery, allowing the removal of more fat during each surgical session when wetting the tissues and using smaller cannulaes. Since then, many “new” types of liposuction have been introduced, however the basic tenants of pre-treating the tissues with a wetting solution has stayed the course and has continued to be a part of each of the “new” techniques. PAL, or power assisted liposuction involves an oscillating handpiece that the surgeon attaches the cannulae to, thus “assisting” the surgeon in the motions for fat removal. Many surgeons utilize this technique, as they feel that it helps prevent fatigue during the procedure.

Ultrasonic Liposuction

UAL, or ultrasound assisted liposuction involves treating the fat with ultrasonic waves either prior to removal or during the removal of the fat, thus “liquifying” the fat that is aspirated. This technique can be helpful in secondary liposuction procedures where there is scar tissue, or in areas where there is dense fibrous tissues, an example of which is the male chest. Utilizing this procedure can add additional time to the surgery, but can on occasion, make a procedure more easily manageable and offers the surgeon the ability to obtain better results when scar or fibrous tissue is a problem.

Smart Lipo | Cool Lipo

Laser liposuction offers laser light therapy and heat delivered by a small cannulae under the skin to “melt” the superficial fat. This procedure is also called by a number of different names, depending on the laser being used. Terms for laser lipo are also “smart lipo”, “cool lipo”, “lipo control” among others. This procedure is typically performed for small areas of fat excess, or in conjunction with traditional tumescent liposuction for larger areas of fat removal. Water jet assisted liposuction is a technique that sprays the wetting solution over the fat just prior to the removal with liposuction, thus assisting in dislodging the fat cells. Though there is a myriad of different techniques offered for liposuction, nearly all Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who offer this surgery will agree that the key to an excellent result is an excellent liposuction surgeon, and that the technique is not what dictates the end result.

Liposuction can be safely performed as long as the patient is a good surgical candidate, is in good health, the surgery is performed in a fully accredited outpatient or inpatient surgery center, the limits for the amount being removed is closely adhered to, the patient is monitored throughout by a qualified anesthesia provider, and the surgeon performing the procedure has excellent training in liposuction techniques and is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Newport Beach Breast Augmentation Surgery

Today women have many choices available to them when considering breast augmentation. Some women never develop to be the shape and size that they desire, and seek surgical enhancement to augment their natural breasts. Additionally, many women experience loss of breast fullness post partum or after breast feeding or weight loss and have noticed that their breasts have lost their shape and have flattened and moved lower on their chest wall.

Depending on how much droop or “ptosis” exists, they have a choice between implants alone to fill the lost volume, or a breast lift in addition to the breast augmentation. Occasionally when there is sufficient breast tissue remaining but excess sagging skin is the problem, a “lift” is all that is required to return to the more youthful, fuller, higher positioned breast. This is performed by excision of only excess skin and relocation of the breast tissue to a higher position. This procedure preserves all breast tissue, therefore the breasts retain their size but attain a better shape higher on the chest wall.

More than 2 million women have breast implants either for reconstruction or for enlargement. Women today who are 22 years or older have a choice between saline and silicone gel implants which come in a variety of implant sizes and contours. The majority of women who have breast implants have not experienced any serious adverse effects and have been very satisfied with their results. Women who are considering breast augmentation surgery should be thoroughly advised of all the possible risks involved and have the ability to discuss in detail with her surgeon what look they are looking to achieve, as well as any questions or concerns they may have. When referred from our blog site, Dr. Bandy offers a complimentary individual evaluation for women considering breast enhancement surgery, either breast reduction, breast lift or breast augmentation. Dr. Bandy is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and a Fellow of the American Academy of Surgeons.

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