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The Latest Breakthrough for Body Contouring!!

With technology always on the upward slope it seems new fads promising to deliver the fountain of youth are a dime a dozen. We’re constantly looking for new ways to achieve maximum results with minimum cost and downtime. . It used to be that the only way to contour the body was liposuction, which usually requires an incision and some downtime, but with the introduction of the Exilis machine it seems most, if not all, of our fat diminishing and skin tightening prayers have been answered. The Exilis machine is an FDA approved pain free, non-invasive treatment with no side effects and no downtime. The million dollar question is how does this ‘wonder’ machine work? With any treatment one would want to be sure that it is safe for their body but also effective. Exilis delivers radiofrequency energy to heat deep tissues and increase the metabolic rate of fat cells causing them to shrink. During the session, the computer-controlled hand piece is guided over the treatment area. A warming sensation is felt as the energy is delivered to the deeper layers of skin and fat. The ability to focus the energy on specific areas at the targeted depth of penetrationis what makes Exilis highly effective. Exilis has been featured in numerous magazines and TV shows including: Elle, New Beauty, Harper’s Bazaar, NBC news and Fox 26 news. Exilis is also backed by well known New York plastic surgeon Dr.Lisa Zdinak who has a clientele of celebrities, models and royalty. Patients typically achieve optimum results after 4-6 sessions, 7-10 days a part. We offer competitive Exilis packages to our patients, so call our office today and get rid of that stubborn fat and loose skin once and for all!



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