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Eyebrow Microblading

Eyebrow Microblading in Newport Beach, Orange County CA

Often referred to as eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow microstroking, 3d eyebrows, 6d eyebrows, eyebrow feathering and more, this unique form of eyebrow tattooing has changed the eyebrow game and is now the most requested eyebrow procedure! With a hand tool, an eyebrow microblading artist is able to create individual hairstrokes that are a vast difference from the solid color eyebrow tattoos of yester-year and create a very natural look. Learn more about Eyebrow Microblading at our Newport Beach, Orange County office.

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Who is Eyebrow Microblading Recommended for?

Microblading is recommended for anyone who desires not to have to fill in their eyebrows, who wants the appearance of more volume, or who wants to alter or add to the shape of their eyebrows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are candidates for Eyebrow Microblading?

A. Individuals interested in the following things might want to consider eyebrow microblading :

  • to wake up without having to pencil in eyebrows
  • to address hair that is missing or patchy due to aging, alopecia, over-plucking or other disorder
  • to change the shape or contour of your eyebrows
  • to create a higher arch
  • to create a longer eyebrow
  • to even out eyebrows
  • to add volume

Regardless of your individual reasons for desiring this procedure, it is extremely beneficial and provides long lasting, fuller brows!The pigment saturation and duration that it will last will depend on the skill and technique of your artist, but will also depend on how you, as the patient, take care of your skin. The pigment can fade in color if it is not protected from the sun, or if rapid exfoliation products are used, such as glycolic products or retin-a products. Some patients find that they are calling for a color touch up every 4-5 years, while others are getting a color touch up once a year. The vibrancy of the hairstrokes is determined by your artists skill and how well you take care of your new eyebrows.

Q: How long is the Eyebrow Microblading procedure?

A: The procedure is about 2 hours in length. The first hour of the appointment is drawing your new eyebrow shape using a special skin pencil. The shape will be discussed with you and can be altered to create the eyebrow shape and size that you wish. This is the longest portion of the appointment and your artist will pay extremely close attention to the specific angles and measurements to make sure that everything is even. Once the client approves the drawing, a specialized numbing solution is applied which numbs the area, but also delivers epinephrine to reduce bleeding to the area. Once the solution stays on for about 10 minutes, excess solution is removed and the microblading starts. The microblading artist uses a specialized hand tool with a varying number of needs (depending on patient’s skin type, skin thickness and overall desire of results). Half way through the treatment, the numbing cream is placed on the eyebrows again. The client should not feel much of anything at all and the treatment should be pretty painless. Once the individual hairstrokes are completed, the artist will saturate the eyebrows with the remaining pigment and will let this pigment sit on the eyebrows for about 10 minutes to fully saturate before removing the pigment and cleaning the area well. Once clean, the patient gets to experience the new eyebrow reveal.
Patients are sent home with a small amount of ointment on their eyebrows to protect their skin from dust, dirt and bacteria. This ointment should remain on the eyebrows for 3-4 hours prior to being removed with a damp washcloth. Many artists provide care instructions for their clients that vary. This will be discussed on the date of your procedure.

Q: How to get optimal results from Eyebrow Microblading?

A: Most microblading artists agree that for optimal results patients should discontinue exercise, saunas, pool, Jacuzzis, washing of the face (eyebrow saturation with water), retin-a, glycolic products, direct sun exposure and make-up on or around the eyebrows for 10 days. This reduces chances of excessive inflammation, bacteria formation and infection as well as undesirable results and difference in healed color hues. Clients pregnant or breastfeeding will not be treated.
Clients that currently have cancer or diabetes are encouraged to seek guidance and recommendations from their physician prior to having eyebrow microblading performed.

Q: Are touch-ups warranted for Eyebrow Microblading?

A: Touch-ups may be warranted and one touch up is included within your price. Touch ups are only performed from 4-8 weeks after your original treatment. Touch ups performed after 8 weeks of the original treatment will incur an additional charge.




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