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Costa Mesa Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Bandy is located near Costa Mesa in Newport Beach, just south of Costa Mesa. People in Costa Mesa who are searching for a plastic surgeon should know that the best plastic surgery patients are those that make informed decisions. You should know how procedures are performed, what to expect during recovery, what the potential risks might be, how to assure maximum safety, and what the latest innovations are. Candidates should study before and after pictures of plastic surgery procedures on actual patients to get an idea of their goal appearance. But before you decide on plastic surgery, you should know what procedures can and cannot help you achieve. Plastic surgery can offer excellent improvements in appearance and self-esteem.

Costa Mesa Liposuction

Research shows that the more prepared you are for cosmetic surgery, the more likely you are to have a positive experience. Our goal at the offices of Dr. Bandy is to provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision about liposuction procedures. Research is necessary in order to find the best surgeon. Like any other cosmetic/plastic procedure; liposuction is not to be taken lightly. Liposuction is a procedure that with the proper care will not interfere with the patient’s quality of life and should show results in a very short time. After liposuction, a patient should return soon to their normal activities.

Costa Mesa Facelift

Visit Dr. Bandy located near Costa Mesa in Newport Beach to learn more about the facelift procedure. A facelift incision often starts in front of the ear, and then continues around the ear-lobe and circling the ear before returning to the point of origin in the scalp area. Surgery to correct or improve genetic deformity or traumatic injury may be reimbursable in whole or in part. On the cosmetic enhancement side…By changing how you look, cosmetic surgery can help change how you feel about yourself. Facelift surgery makes it possible to correct many facial flaws and signs of premature aging that can hurt your self-confidence.


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– Dr. Amy Bandy, Over 20 Years of Experience

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