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Rhinoplasty in Laguna Beach

Dr. Bandy is located near Laguna Beach in Newport Beach. Rhinoplasty surgery, or cosmetic surgery to the nose, is one of the cosmetic surgeries that brings great satisfaction to women and men alike. When considering cosmetic surgery of the nose, you must first evaluate what it is about your nose that you want to change. Often times, it is difficult for a person to put into words what it is about their nose that bothers them, and sometimes they are not even sure themselves. But this is very important for both the patient and the surgeon to know and understand, so that there are no misunderstandings or disappointments after the fact. It is very useful for the patient to fully evaluate what it is that they are looking to achieve, and to communicate what it is that they do not want. Both are equally important. During your consultation, it is helpful to have computer imaging so that you can visualize what the surgeon anticipates achieving with your nose. By seeing these images, you can communicate whether the vision that your surgeon has for your results is what you are anticipating. Often times, by seeing these images, you are better able to understand what you like, and what you do not like about your nose and the proposed changes.

Liposuction in Laguna Beach

Liposuction surgery has benefited many people in their goal to sculpt their bodies to a better shape. Over the years, various “types” of liposuction have been added to the mix, each one claiming to offer better results than the last. But the reality is that the results are going to be based on the existing “canvas” -in other words the persons skin elasticity and the amount of fat being removed,as well as the “artist”- the surgeon’s experience and expertise at the procedure.

Breast Lift in Laguna Beach

Women seeking cosmetic surgery of the breast do so to improve the shape, size and fullness of their breasts, either because of changes to the brests from childbirth, weight loss, or hereditary reasons. Most women prefer to enhance their breasts with the least amount of scarring as possible. When all that is needed is an increase in size of the breast, than placement of implants can achieve this goal with minimal to no noticible scarring through small strategically placed incisions. If, however, the breast has developed ptosis, or drooping, then the breast most often needs to be lifted, whether or not an implant is placed. A breast lift procedure involves tightening the skin and moving the nipple areola complex (NAC) to the position of a youthful breast.


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