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Rhinoplasty in Laguna Niguel

Cosmetic nose surgery can have implications on nasal airway breathing, thus it is crucial that an internal nasal exam be performed prior to any cosmetic surgery to the nose. Rhinoplasty can improve nasal breathing if correcting a crooked nose due to a septal defect, but it can impair nasal breathing if the turbinates of the nose are enlarged or there is a deviated septum that has not been detected and corrected.

Liposuction in Laguna Niguel

The prime candidate for liposuction is a person who is at or near their ideal body weight, and despite exercise and a healthy diet, are unable to get rid of a stubborn area of fat. If the skin in that area has good elasticity, with no overhang of skin, then the results will be optimal. When there is streched or excess skin, or there is poor elasticity, then the results will be suboptimal, and skin tightening procedures may be necessary for best results.

Breast Lift in Laguna Niguel

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Another form of breast lifting is the lolli-pop breast lift- referring to the shape of the scar that results from the excision of skin around the nipple areola complex and extending vertical inferiorly. This is also referred to as a vertical mastopexy or vertical breast lift. This procedure can achieve several goals. It has the ability to place the nipple areola complex to a higher position, as well as modify the size of the nipple areola complex as desired. Women with large nipple areola’s from childbirth and breast feeding, or who naturally have large NAC, can have the size reduced to a more desirable size with this procedure. Additionally, the skin envelope can be reduced, or tightened, to improve the placement or location of the breast mound, thus lifting it to a higher position on the chest wall. This achieves the goal of a more youthful breast in many cases without the need for implants. If however the breast is mainly lax from excess skin and has little breast tissue for volume, implant placement should be considered, particularly when desiring a fuller breast.

Facelift in Laguna Niguel

Dr. Amy Bandy has been practicing at the same location in Newport Beach, near Laguna Niguel for many years. She is a Cosmetic Surgeon with subspecialty certification in Facelift Surgery. To set up a consultation with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bandy, call her offices. During the preliminary consultation a proper facial analysis will help you determine the procedures for achieving your new look that complements your expectations and realizes your aesthetic goals. Please take a look at our facelift before and after photos, videos, and facelift patient testimonials in Laguna Niguel.


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