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Scar Revision

Scar Revision & Keloid Treatment in Newport Beach, Orange County CA

Scar revision is a general term relating to a procedure that can be performed to improve the visibility of a scar. Generally, patients that come to Dr. Bandy for a scar revision procedure or treatment are patients that have a pre-existing scar that they are unsatisfied with the length, look, color, thickness or the overall way that the scar has healed.

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Who is Scar Revision Recommended for?

Scar revision is recommended for anyone wanting to improve the appearance of an existing scar. Because there are several types of approaches to obtaining the best aesthetic results, it is recommended to see Dr. Bandy for an evaluation.

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Options for Scar Revision

  • Fat Transfer
    Fat Transfer: Scar revision by fat transfer is typically recommended for patients that have a scar that has left a depression in the skin or is lacking volume in one area. Scar revision by fat transfer involves taking a patients own fat cells via liposuction and injecting it to the area that can be improved by adding an increase in volume. During the fat harvesting process, Dr. Bandy will harvest enough fat for several syringes of future use for injection. 1-4 injections, spaced 6 weeks apart are generally recommended to achieve the desired results.
  • Scar Excision and Closure: Keloid Treatment
    Scar revision by excision and closure involves excising the pre-existing scar and re-closing the scar with surgical sutures. By excising the old scar and re-suturing, the surgeon is often able to decrease the width of the scar or improve the look of the scar if it is depressed, irregular or has healed with a darker color. This is an option for patients that have keloid, hypertrophic or thickened, knotty scars. This is also a good option for patients that have uneven or zig-zag scars. Patients that choose to have their scars excised and re-sutured are given additional post procedure options to reduce the tension on the incision and to give the incision optimal healing results.
  • Laser Resurfacing
    Laser resurfacing for scar revision is extremely beneficial for patients that have less than ideal stretch marks, or have multiple shallow acne type scars. It is recommended to seek guidance from Dr. Bandy when determining which approach to scar treatment is most beneficial for a specific scar, as patients with darker, or olive skin tones may not be candidates for the laser treatment.